I grew up as an orphan and from a very young age I got involved with a legalistic church group. Most of my life I suffered from depression, anxiety, and mental illness that resulted in me being admitted to mental institutions. I attempted suicide several times and was a drug user for years. During this time I had many dark spiritual encounters.

When I was introduced to Discipleship Duplication Ministries, they listened to my story with genuine care and compassion. As they prayed for me, I was shocked to learn that mental illness was still within me though I thought it was gone long ago.

Praise the Lord, not only did the Lord Jesus free me that day, but the peace of God came upon me. The next day I stopped taking my medications of twenty three years with no side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Since then I have attended Discipleship Duplication Workshops where I learned to spend time with the Lord everyday and receive truth in His word. Also, I have learned the importance of gathering and sharing with Gods people more consistently than I have before.

When I attended church in the past, it was easy for me to hide and not interact with anyone. Because I now meet with a small intimate gathering, I am learning to step out of my comfort zone and experience the love of God among all the believers . . .

When I met Troy and Nina with Discipleship Duplication Ministries I was really depressed. I struggled with self-harm, eating disorder, and did not know why I lived. I attempted suicide and was admitted to psychiatric wards several times. I thought that life was a punishment. I was told that my struggles was due to chemical imbalance and bad genetics and that I could fix them by taking medication and working on myself. At the time I did not know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. One day a young man at a coffee shop saw me crying and invited me to a Bible study at his home.

That evening they shared a story of a nineteen year old girl who struggled with similar things like me, how they led her to Jesus and prayed for her healing and freedom. I wanted that freedom, especially from my biggest struggle which was an eating disorder called bulimia. I always thought that it was a part of my identity or who I was and not something spiritual.

Like that girl, I received Jesus that day. And as they prayed for me, I saw bulimia leave and I experienced amazing freedom. I have spent years with counselors battling these struggles, but the effect of prayer was powerful and immediate. Praise the Lord Jesus!

They taught me that in order to keep my newly found freedom and know my true identity, daily I would need to be filled with the truth which is found in the living word of God. Now I am getting to know Him and humbling myself realizing I am weak without Him. Now I know the meaning of my life .